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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 55+ Independent Community?

Independent Living means living day-to-day life without requiring external assistance with daily tasks. This includes being capable of self-preservation such that in the case of an emergency, the tenant can exit the building without assistance.

The choice to live in an independent living community is a lifestyle-driven decision, not a needs-driven decision. Westman Lions Manor offers convenience, socialization, and the safety of being surrounded by like-minded neighbours.

Westman Lions Manor does not incorporate a care component. Meals and wellness checks are not included, and the upkeep of your home is your responsibility. Recreation and activities are not provided at Westman Lions Manor. However, the Victoria Seniors’ Association offers a variety of activities that residents of Westman Lions Manor can participate in.

What is the process for placing my name on the waiting list?

Simply download the application forms, print, and mail them to Westman Lions Manor at 35 Victoria Ave East. You can also make an appointment to bring the forms into our leasing office. There is a $100 deposit required per building, however this deposit is refunded should you request your name to be removed from the waitlist.  Otherwise, it will be deducted from the entrance fee owing.  Once we receive your application and deposit, your name will be added to the waitlist, and you’ll be issued a receipt. 

How is the entrance fee amount determined?

When a life lease complex is built, the construction cost is determined for each apartment.  A lender is approached regarding financing, and then the difference between the construction cost and financing is calculated.  The entrance fees of the first tenants to lease apartments are based on the difference between the construction costs and the amount of financing available from the lender.

How secure is my entrance fee?

Very secure.  Entrance fees are protected by a share in the value of the building through an interest registered in the tenants' names against the property title, with this mortgage being held by an independent trustee.  Entrance fees are refunded in full should a resident terminate their lease and vacate the apartment.  The entrance fees of new tenants are used to repay entrance fees to tenants who terminate their lease.  A trust account called a refund fund may also be used for the repayment of entrance fees.

What would happen to my entrance fee in the event of my death?

The entrance fee would be refunded in full, payable to your estate.

Who can live in Westman Lions Manor?

Residents must be at least 55 years of age and able to live independently.  However, residents who are 55 or older with a younger partner are also eligible to live here.

Is the Manor only for couples? 

Both one and two bedroom life lease apartments are available either to couples or individuals.

What is a life lease?

A life lease is a specific kind of written tenancy agreement.  Under a life lease, a tenant pays an entrance fee for a rental unit.  Westman Lions Manor life leases are for the life of the tenant.  The tenant also pays rent each month, based on their proportionate share of operating costs.

Can I assign my life lease to a third party or sublet my apartment?

Leases may not be assigned, or the apartment sublet due to our waiting list.

Will I be allowed to keep a pet?

No pets are allowed in the building, including to visit.

How secure is the building?

Modern security systems are incorporated into the building including deadbolt locks on all apartment doors and controlled access via an Enterphone system.  All building entrances are keyed. The outer main doors are locked over night. 

I am concerned about the chance of fire in the building.  How has this been addressed?

Non-combustible construction techniques were incorporated into the design of the building.  Apartments, hallways, and common areas are equipped with modern automatic smoke and fire detection and alarm equipment.

Is smoking allowed?

Westman Lions Manor is a smoke-free facility. Smoking is prohibited inside apartments, on balconies and on the facility grounds.

Is there parking available?

There is limited parking available for tenants to rent.  Visitor parking is available at the north of the building.

Can my monthly rent increase?

As the building is managed on a non-profit basis, there is no motivation for the rents to increase.  However, the monthly operating costs of a non-profit life lease, such as property taxes and/or utilities can increase, and therefore the monthly rent could increase to cover these costs.

How long is the waiting list for life lease apartments?

The current wait is 10 - 15 years.  Wait times are based on the length of the waiting lists and the average tenant turnover.  Should an applicant have a preference as far as layout, the wait could be significantly longer than the above.  Wait times are subject to change.

Do I need to be 55+ to apply?

No, we recommend applying as soon as possible. The current wait is 10-15 years so the sooner you apply the better.

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